A Canadian tribute to Neil Young

Powderfinger, a Canadian tribute to Neil Young

Welcome to the home of POWDERFINGER, a Canadian Tribute to Neil Young. Powderfinger was formed in 2008 with the goal of delivering high quality and heartfelt performances of the best of Neil Young�s illustrious career. With an ensemble of six very talented and versatile GTA musicians, we are able to achieve our goal show after show, giving the audience the best of Neil, and the family atmosphere within the band always makes its way from the stage to the crowd.

With the vast amount of material to choose from, Powderfinger is able to offer something that not many other bands can: a choice of LIGHTER or HEAVIER show.

As any good Neil Young fan knows, his career has spanned many different genres of music, some all his own, and his live performances have reflected that over the years, playing both the hard and heavy rock shows to the straight-from-Nashville country shows, and of course the solo acoustic tours as well.

Powderfinger has recognized that some venues want to rock, some wanna get back to the country and some want to do both, and we can deliver a custom fit setlist to suit your entertainment needs.

Please check out our Setlist to see our vast offerings across all of Neil's genres.

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In the band:

Michael Bernardi - Our Neil, handling lead vocals, guitar and harmonica
Mark "Gonzo" Watts - Ripping and tearing on lead guitar, acoustic & slide guitar and vocals
Terry Watkinson - Master of the keyboards, add to that sax, accordion and vocals
Chlo� EG Watkinson - Backing vocals (w/Solo feature songs), guitar & banjo.
Chris Hume - Crazy on the bass guitar and vocals
Saul Kiaune - The backbone, keeping the beat steady on the drums

Check out the Band Members Bio Page for more info (www.powderfinger.ca/?pid=bio)

Powderfinger, a Canadian tribute to Neil Young